Illegal Rare (Manga)

Illegal Rare is a short-lived manga that appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump for several months in 2014. The overall plot:

In a world where rare creatures like vampires, werewolves, unicorns, etc. are regularly hunted and enslaved by an ultra-black market . . . .

A protection agency is set up to keep those creatures from going extinct. Ideally, it seeks a way for these rare creatures and humans to live together in harmony. However, the agency's "leading" field agent is a vampire--whose hidden agenda is actually to have humans ultimately become the hunted.

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Pink Mermaid

Haru Akebono's Pink Mermaid (a.k.a. ももいろ人魚 or Momoiro Ningyo) is a romance Japanese manga published monthly in Kodansha's Monthly Dessert (デザート) magazine. Started in 2013, it recently came out with its first book collection in mid-November 2014.

Notionally a "standard" plot . . . i.e., a young mermaid sees a young human boy; eventually she grows up and decides she loves him enough to become human. She enters his life, and later gets legs, but the guy is not that interested.

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Monster High Freaky Fusion

A late 2014 direct-to-video CG movie, "Monster High: Freaky Fusion" features a ghostly mermaid.

The story in short: Most "normal" monsters go to high school, and a quartet of new students have transferred in. However, as they are monster fusions--i.e., mixed breeds--they do not gain a lot of acceptance at first from our protagonists. [That attitude is likely to change by the end.]

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Barbie and the Secret Door

A late 2014 entry into the ongoing string of direct-to-video Barbie movies is "Barbie and the Secret Door." A spoiled young princess is stealing all the magic from the world, leaving one mermaid stuck in human form. Said mermaid joins Barbie in a quest to set things right.

[There are a couple other very minor mermaid characters, part of a pod of mermaids who have yet to lose their tails.]

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H2O: Mermaid Adventures (Animated)

[Note: These comments are based solely on the promotional trailer for the show, and may not reflect the show as a whole.]

While the second season of H2O: Mako Mermaids live action is (currently) scheduled for release around January 2015, it appears that ZDF Enterprises has also produced an animated version of their earlier H2O Just Add Water series, available for broadcast now. (To be determined if anyone purchases it for broadcast; I suspect TV markets outside the USA will get it first.)

The animation company is French. (i.e., think on the level of “Totally Spies.”)

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Mermaid (Girl) in Gutter (Korean Visual Novel)

Google Play in Korea has apparently published a visual novel this Summer (2014) entitled "Mermaid in Gutter" (or Mermaid Girl in Gutter), by a company called "Passing Dogs." [I've put this under "anime", though strictly speaking it is a Korean production and a computer dating sim game.]

Translations of the plot content are very preliminary:

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The Idle Mermaid (a.k.a. Surplus Princess)

At last (?), a Korean Drama takes on a mermaid tale (or tail) ;-)

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Mermaid Scientist Massacre (Video Game)

Per Wikipedia, Ludum Dare is an "accelerated video game development" competition. About three times a year, programmers are given a theme and a limited amount of time (e.g., 48 or 72 hours) to develop a game. Players then vote on the winners, based on their reactions to it.

The 29th competition (from April 2014) has produced "Mermaid Scientist Massacre."

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MER (by Roar Comics)

Newly-formed Roar Comics currently publishes a small set of series via digital distribution. Current titles include adaptations/"continuations" of 1980's TV series Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewser.

However, they have announced a few more original properties. From the Reuters news service article:

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Gossiping Mermaids

cute video with beautiful mermaid girls, featuring models Rocket, Gewn and Vera Mysteria

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