Midnight Society: The Black Lake

Midnight Society: The Black Lake is a creator-owned comic book by Drew Johnson, currently being published (mid 2015) by Dark Horse comics. Four issues are being produced, to be later combined into a trade paperback with supplemental materials. The author (and main artist) hopes to continue the story for at least 50 more issues, but (as always) that will depend largely on how well it sells.

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Lumberjanes [as opposed to Lumberjacks] is an independent American comic published by Boom! Box. The premise: A group of girls at Summer camp (and their councilors) have adventures upon discovering things are not quite normal there. (i.e., there are spooky things going on, only some of which are supernatural.)

Rumor has it the comic story (as a whole) is very "progressive" (in the positive sense), since the female characters are active protagonists. I can not speak to that either way, as I have not read the comic in its entirety.

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Chubby Mermaid

Chubby Mermaid is a short animated film, featuring two mermaids who become rivals for a guy. Cartoon humor, violence and drama ensues (some of which is ribald).

The mermaids are shown in both mer- and human-form.

The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSXpWrVmPxM

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Alex Pearson directs Bait, a short film of two fishermen having issues with a traditional monster mermaids (albeit with legs) while out on a lake.

Though the above topic is ripe for British comedy, the film is more a "serious" take.

The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AnBBc7KQ9E

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Ysan Roche - Devil's Paradise

Musician Ysan Roche published a short film/musical video (entitled Devil's Paradise) about a mermaid deciding whether to make her life easier/better by becoming human. Fun to watch if you like an alternate feminist (and artistic!) take on the subject.

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In Search of the Life Aquatic (WSJ video)

A short Wall Street Journal "people and places" video article documents several places around the world where mermaid-ing schools have been established. [Also, a couple of places where it has been banned!] The link:


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Disneyland Mermaids Article

Though technically online instead of print, the Huffington Post has posted a retrospective article (with pictures) about the Disneyland mermaids from the 1950s and 1960's. The link:


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Tiny Mermaid Matters

Tiny Mermaid Matters (a.k.a. Chiisana O'Ningyo Hiyori, 小さなお人魚日 and/or "Nice Day for a Little Mermaid") is a manga series being written/drawn by Umi Minami and published by KCx (Crimson Flower). The premise is that small mermaids (somewhere between the size of typical tropical fish and a Barbie doll) have been invented and are for sale in places like pet shops . . . and they are sentient.

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Akimbo (アキンボ), written/drawn by Shimoyoshida Hongo and published by Morning KC, is an ongoing manga "slice-of-life" series about a mermaid being raised in the human world. She was discovered on the beach as a mer-baby by an old man who lives by the sea.

Why was she abandoned by her own mer-kin? There may be an explanation (and not necessarily a sinister one).

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Restarting Seatails

I've been debating restarting Seatails.org for some time now. While it continues to see some activity, much of my personal focus has shifted to the Seatails Community site on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SeatailsCommunity?ref=hl). I'd be interested in getting feedback about whether people still are visiting this site, and if so, what they'd like to see in a next generation iteration.

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