Mei Ren Yu 美人鱼 (2016)

Stephen Chow (a Chinese actor and film director, perhaps best known in the US for collaborating on the martial arts/special effects/comedy film Shaolin Soccer from a couple decades back) is scheduled to release Mei Ren Yu (美人鱼), a modern day comedy take on The Little Mermaid. It is scheduled for release in Chinese theaters February 2016.

The notional story: A marine biologist encounters a mermaid; she comes ashore to become better acquainted with him.

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Xiaohua Xiaohua 3 of the drive to Mermaid 《校花驾到3之人鱼校花》

"Xiaohua Xiaohua 3 of the drive to Mermaid" 《校花驾到3之人鱼校花》 is a mermaid-centric film that looks like it will premier early this year (2016). A promotional poster of the titular mermaid (enjoying an obligatory bubble bath in a tub) has been posted in the Seatails Facebook page.

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"Flirty" at Lung Fu Shan Ice Festival (2015)

A mermaid (with the stage name of Flirty?) posed with some ice sculptures at a Chinese festival. Google search should produce results; one set of photos was found at the following web site:

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Honest Trailers--The Little Mermaid

The internet group "Screen Junkies" has put out over 100 faux but "honest" trailers, poking fun at various films. Pertinent here is the one they did for The Little Mermaid--which can be found by Google searching the topic "Honest Trailers The Little Mermaid."

Given we tend to be mer-philes here, and "Little Mermaid" is likely a favorite film for many, be prepared for some of the humor to be tough to take. ;-)

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Duyung (MNC TV 2015)

Since July of 2015, Indonesian TV station MNC TV has been running its sequel to the "Putri Duyung" series (which ran from 2013 - 2014). Just as the earlier series took strong influence from the first three series of "H2O--Just Add Water", the sequel story has been influenced from "Mako Mermaids." Hence, the protagonists of "Duyung" are mermaids who come ashore, attempting to reclaim the merman powers accidentally given to a teenage guy.

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The Little Mermaid: Attack of the Pirates

"The Little Mermaid: Attack of the Pirates" (Mei ren yu zhi hai dao lai xi) is a 2015 3D children's animated film which came out this past Summer in China. [I've not seen a release date for the US yet, but these films tend to get around.]

Basic plot (from the trailer): The Little Mermaid rises (G-rated) Venus-like from a sea shell, apparently given another chance at life. However, after rescuing a young girl, she tangles with some (mostly bumbling) pirates and a giant.

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Becoming Mermaid

Though I've not found it publically available yet on the internet yet, some web pages show a short 2015 graduate-level film in production, entitled "Becoming Mermaid." The plot (according to one page): "A mermaid who finds herself beached on the shore with an unexpected companion is forced to reconcile that she belongs to neither land nor sea." It is live action, filmed in some docks near Seattle.

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Midnight Society: The Black Lake

Midnight Society: The Black Lake is a creator-owned comic book by Drew Johnson, currently being published (mid 2015) by Dark Horse comics. Four issues are being produced, to be later combined into a trade paperback with supplemental materials. The author (and main artist) hopes to continue the story for at least 50 more issues, but (as always) that will depend largely on how well it sells.

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Lumberjanes [as opposed to Lumberjacks] is an independent American comic published by Boom! Box. The premise: A group of girls at Summer camp (and their councilors) have adventures upon discovering things are not quite normal there. (i.e., there are spooky things going on, only some of which are supernatural.)

Rumor has it the comic story (as a whole) is very "progressive" (in the positive sense), since the female characters are active protagonists. I can not speak to that either way, as I have not read the comic in its entirety.

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Chubby Mermaid

Chubby Mermaid is a short animated film, featuring two mermaids who become rivals for a guy. Cartoon humor, violence and drama ensues (some of which is ribald).

The mermaids are shown in both mer- and human-form.

The link:

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