Saturday Night Live (2014, Anne Kendrick)

The 5 April 2014 Episode of Saturday Night Live had host Anne Kendrick as mermaid Ariel during one sketch.

[Spoilers ahead.]

The sketch is set at the time/place Ariel decides to get human legs by making a deal with Ursula. Before Ursula accepts Ariel's voice as payment, she asks Ariel for a demonstration. Ariel sings, but (for better or worse) in a way that reflects the styles of today's pop female musical artists . . .

As a result, Ursula ultimately decides to take Sebastian (the crab)'s voice instead.

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Kambal Sirena

Looks like the Philippians have got the first of two mermaid shows planned to start this year:

The premise Kambal Sirena is that twin "girls" are born to a woman and a merman. Both girls have . . shall we say . . features appropriate for aquatic environments, though one is more "obvious" than the other. The obvious one has to be sent to live in the sea with a mermaid pod; the other remains amongst the humans. From time to time they meet each other.

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All the Pretty Little Mermaids (Asimov's)

The March 2014 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine (already on store shelves) features the short story "All the Pretty Little Mermaids," written by Cat Rambo. The magazine cover also has a mermaid on the cover.

At the risk of a partial spoiler: They are genetically-engineered creations, much like varieties (and the intelligence of) goldfish. Also, readers on this forum (being mostly mer-philes) may not enjoy the story conclusion.

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Mermaids in Skyrim

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Putri Duyung (Sinetron 2013)

Sinetron's Putri Duyung 2013 series is a reworking of H2O: Just Add Water, but adapted for Indonesia. As such, it's interesting to compare and contrast. (Thanks to the Chinese MTime website for finding the show.)

A different (all Asian) cast is used, and the production values are a bit lower--e.g., it's easier to see the actresses' legs within the mermaid costumes. Also, more "old-school" film techniques are used for the transformation scenes.

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Ben 10 Comic

The current (late 2013) issues of Ben 10, published by IDW, features a story arc involving merfolk. [The second issue cover gives it away.] The arc should last about 3 or 4 issues.

So far, it is ambiguous whether they change forms at will or when exposed to water.

(Minor Spoilers Ahead:)

The merfolk were originally from SPAAAACCCCEEEE!! (Actually, they are decended from a fish-like species of aliens.)

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John and Maria - A Mermaid Transformation Story

Maria’s long brown hair was blown across her face by the wind. By the cool sea breeze.
She didn’t bother brushing it aside.
No, she had far too much on her mind. Too much, and so she had thought the beach would be a quiet, calming place to be. But if the shouting, screaming, laughing voices of the beach-goers were any indication, she was wrong. She thought the voices were as irritating as the cold gale. Why are there people here at all, on a day as windy as this? Just because summer was on its way didn’t mean people had to be down on the beach, rain or shine.

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The Blood Bond Pod (NC-17) Chapter 1

This is an erotic horror story of transformation. I stress erotic and not pornographic (thus the NC-17 and not X)The themes are strictly mature. I would also like to give a special thanks to Mermaida Mermaid. Her correspondence and inspiration from her own work is what got this story on here.

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A short live-action film, starts off about a girl who did not watch her step on the beach. Mermaid adventure/dark humor ensues. (No nudity.) Posted on Youtube in January 2012.

Director/Writer: Lanan Adcock
Composer: Jason Kent
Actors: Laura Willis, Eric Digras, Alex Nemeroff, Mark Slutsky, Daniel Perlmutter
Puppeteer: Kim Billing
Producers: Lanan Adcock, Kenneth Hirsch
Funders: Bravo!FACT/SODEC

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Thura Thein Tin Animation from "Mermaid"

According to the info posted with the Youtube clip, a (TV?) movie named "Mermaid" was produced in Myanmar back in 2007. Actress Thinzar Wint Kyaw was the titular actress, and the animation studio Thura Thein Tin provided the 3D animation effects for the mermaid's tail.

The whole movie is [alledgedly] no longer available on the market, but the animation studio put together a fifteen minute demo reel for advertising purposes. The first twelve minutes are clips from the movie, while the last few minutes show how the actress's legs were replaced with a virtual tail and fins.

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