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Restarting Seatails

I've been debating restarting for some time now. While it continues to see some activity, much of my personal focus has shifted to the Seatails Community site on facebook ( I'd be interested in getting feedback about whether people still are visiting this site, and if so, what they'd like to see in a next generation iteration.

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Happy Mer-Mothers Day

Happy Mother's day to all the pretty mermaids out there

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Ningyo Oujisama (Mermaid Prince)

Ningyo Oujisama (Mermaid Prince, 人魚王子さま) by Yuana Kazumi is a Japanese manga published by Zenon comics. So far, three volumes have been published.

A mermaid wants to become human to be with a guy she thinks she loves. She is accidentally aided in her quest by a different guy, a gambler. (At first, said gambler wants to take her picture to make some money, but circumstances change his mind.) The mermaid and gambler both make sacrifices to fulfill her wish . . .

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Mermaid Rhapsody

Volume 17 of Jump Square 19 (manga) magazine [ジャンプSQ.19 Vol.17, published December 2014] featured a fifty-page one-shot story called "Mermaid Rhapsody" (人魚ラプソディ). The artist/author is Fujimoto Nagarjuna (藤本タツキ).

In this story, it appears that something (perhaps global warming) has submerged cities, but some land remains and fishermen still ply their trade . . . in spite of the danger posed by mermaids. [The latter are reputed to be monsters.]

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Rage of Bahamut (Card/Online)

The Japanese Rage of Bahamut franchise (e.g., gaming cards and online) feature a variety of mermaid characters. Many are dressed according to their status: For example, some are the "alluring" type; some are soldiers; some are nobles; some are even monstrous "dark" ones; etc. A google image search under "Rage of Bahamut mermaid" will show many of these.

There is also an anime in work, though it is unknown whether merfolk will show up in that directly. [I gather the mermaid setting/storyline came out during the third iteration of the game.]

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Please Hug the Mermaid (approximate title)

Margaret Comics (マーガレットコミックス)has been publishing an ongoing manga from Rika Chimaki, entitled (but roughly translated) as "Please Hug the Mermaid." (人魚ですが抱いてください!) Some aspects of the story are a little tricky to describe though . . .

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Love Live!

As promotional material for one of their songs (Mermaid Fiesta), the semi-fictional Japanese Idol group Love Live! (ラブライブ!) have a set of cards and cosplayers with a mermaid theme. An image search on Google is the easiest way to find them. (Love Live mermaid, or ラブライブ 人魚)

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Poor Unfortunate Soul (Once Upon a Time)

Merfolk show up in the recent (22 Mar 2015) episode of Once Upon A Time (entitled "Poor Unfortunate Soul.")

To avoid spoilers, the mer character(s) have not named in this post; and the mer-man is not shown full-body (probably to save some money in the TV budget). That said, it was (for this viewer) nice to see some diversity shown in casting the actor and actress for two of the merfolk.

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Mutable Skin Species

For those who still hope to find mermaids like the one in Splash, there has been an interesting recent real-world discovery:

Pristimantis mutabilis, or the mutable rain frog. Details can be found with a Google search, but in short: The animals skin changes texture and appearance depending on the environment it is in. (e.g., it goes from smooth-skinned to spiky within a couple minutes of being placed in a different environment.)

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Love Mermaid (Ciao Comics)

Ciao Comics (of Japan) has just published a five-part 2014 manga mermaid story from Chiroru Aozora, entitled "Love Mermaid" (ひめ恋マーメイド). It's a lightweight romance, though it has a couple of nice touches. . . .

[Minor spoilers ahead]

The title character is a human girl who can not swim. However, she decides to come to the rescue of her drowning childhood friend, in spite of the risk. Just before everyone is doomed, a helpful(?) magical hermit crab lady offers to change the girl into a mermaid. The girl accepts and rescues her friend . . .

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