H2O: Mermaid Adventures (Animated)

[Note: These comments are based solely on the promotional trailer for the show, and may not reflect the show as a whole.]

While the second season of H2O: Mako Mermaids live action is (currently) scheduled for release around January 2015, it appears that ZDF Enterprises has also produced an animated version of their earlier H2O Just Add Water series, available for broadcast now. (To be determined if anyone purchases it for broadcast; I suspect TV markets outside the USA will get it first.)

The animation company is French. (i.e., think on the level of “Totally Spies.”)

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Mermaid (Girl) in Gutter (Korean Visual Novel)

Google Play in Korea has apparently published a visual novel this Summer (2014) entitled "Mermaid in Gutter" (or Mermaid Girl in Gutter), by a company called "Passing Dogs." [I've put this under "anime", though strictly speaking it is a Korean production and a computer dating sim game.]

Translations of the plot content are very preliminary:

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The Idle Mermaid (a.k.a. Surplus Princess)

At last (?), a Korean Drama takes on a mermaid tale (or tail) ;-)

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Mermaid Scientist Massacre (Video Game)

Per Wikipedia, Ludum Dare is an "accelerated video game development" competition. About three times a year, programmers are given a theme and a limited amount of time (e.g., 48 or 72 hours) to develop a game. Players then vote on the winners, based on their reactions to it.

The 29th competition (from April 2014) has produced "Mermaid Scientist Massacre."

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MER (by Roar Comics)

Newly-formed Roar Comics currently publishes a small set of series via digital distribution. Current titles include adaptations/"continuations" of 1980's TV series Saved by the Bell and Punky Brewser.

However, they have announced a few more original properties. From the Reuters news service article:

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Gossiping Mermaids

cute video with beautiful mermaid girls, featuring models Rocket, Gewn and Vera Mysteria

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Kreep Nee Hua Jai Mee Tur

Krep Nee Hua Jai Mee Tur (a.k.a. ครีบนี้หัวใจมีเธอ and 爱上美人鱼2) is the Thai Ch. 3 sequel to 2012's Ruk Nee Hua Jai Mee Kreeb. For this miniseries, the (grade-school-age) younger sister of the previous series mermaid protagonists has decided to explore the human world on her own. Concerned for her safety, the older sibblings follow. Fair to say, all three are likely to get into their fair share of troubles, since unscrupulous scientists, actresses and thieves are present.

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Memorial Mermaid Monday

Just because ... a collection of mermaid photos.

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Blood Bond Pod Chapter II (NC-17)

Alexandria dropped me home that evening after we'd went to the library together to study. She was my girlfriend, we've been going out for a few months since she moved Arizona. She was really hot with mocha skin long legs and perky tit's. At 6 foot she was almost as tall as I was. We gotten along really great, we liked the same bands and TV shows. She even watched all of the last season of Breaking Bad with me every week. It's funny it seems like she knows me sometimes, like she's observed my behavior for years and knows what to expect. I hadn't had sex with her yet.

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Brandi Paige - Baby, You Got Me (Mermaid Video)

Brandi Paige's new music video

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