The Mermaid Pool (A Novel) Chapter Twelve (Rated X)

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Chapter 12

Mermaid Sex and The Lower Depths

Mermaid Megs and I had just swam back to our underwater home after listening to the story of Janet the Centauress by her Mermaid sister, Monica the Mermaid. Both Megs and I really loved the story.

Megs and I both talked about the story for hours on end, and when we were done we both swam out into our dining room in our sunken pirate ship which was now our home. Megs sat down and started combing her very long silver hair, her long fishtail moving lazily under her as she sat on her chair. I went out into the kitchen and prepared our meal of raw fish which we had caught on our way home. Since the both of us are Mermaids, cooking meals is impossible. This meant that our meal was raw, meaning that we were eating sushi. I found out to my joy that I was one hot a sexy lesbian Mermaid who really loved eating her sushi.

As I prepared our meals, I looked down at my gill slits and could see and feel them opening and closing. Of course, I had to grab them with my tiny webbed hands and gently move them to do it. My hands were so very beautiful, with only 4 fingers on each hand. And looking further down, just below my bellly button, I could see and feel my fishtail gently undelating below me. I thought my tail to be so very long and so very beautiful.

Being a Mermaid was so very natural to me now. Being a human on the land seemed to be so very alien and disgusting to me now, and the idea of it filled me with revulsion. Having lungs would have been fine for one of those horrid creatures. Having gills and being able to breathe only water felt so very natural. And having my scales and my tail with my huge vertical tailfin felt so comfortable and natural. And I took great joy as a Mermaid in being 90% fish felt so very natural. The species of Mermaid that Monica was, was only half human and half fish, but my species of Mermaid, we were more fish than anything, and as I said my being 90% fish made me and my sisters so very happy. And with my fish instincts taking over and being so primal, made me happy as it did my Megs and my other similar sisters. Monica and her kind of Mermaids, the traditional kind to humans, would always be the shallow water species, while Megs, and my sisters and myself would always be the deep water or deep sea kind of Mermaids. Our kind would one day colonize the lower depths of the oceans. We would be the Mermaids that would inherit the abyss, past the continental shelves, and live happily in the dark world of eternal night, freezing tempertures, which of course, didn't bother us, and the crushing pressure that would easily crush all but the most strongest of man's underwater exploration machines. And as the High Priestesses of our ocean goddesses, the temple we lived and served, and worshiped in was down here. This world, would be our home. And in spite what anyone would think, food was indeed plentiful, far more plentiful than anyone else would think.

After a few more minutes, our meal being completely prepared, with a few kicks of my tail, I swam back into the dining room where Megs had just finished combing her long silver hair, carring our meal on a large dish. It was starting to get dark out but our home was filled with the many things that gave us light, things of bio-luminesence, and so we had plenty of light. And deep water Mermaids like us could see everything, even in total darkness.

Seeing me swimming in with our meal, Megs arose, and gently undelated over to me. She took me into her arms and put her small webbed hands on my tiny waist. She then moved them down on my wide scaly hips, and finally went under my scalloped half skirt, which was attached to my body and I felt her hands on my huge, naked scaly Mermaid bubble ass, where she dug her clawed fingers into my ass. I felt a sharp pain where her claws went into my ass but I loved it, as it felt so very sexy to me and made me so sexually aroused.

Pulling me ever tighter to her, our scaly Mermaid cunts, with our scallop shells covering them, touched each other. And our huge and heavy Mermaid tits with a large scallop shell, attached on each one of them pressed against each other. I have to admit that while it was impossible to remove our shells now, our goddesses giving them to us as part of our office of High Priestess, the hardness of our shells felt so very sensual and sexy.

Megs and I started having our lesbian sex with each other like every Mermaid does. Between our kisses, I would smile and with my one free hand, would reach down on the dish and grab a piece of raw fish and feed Megs. My other hand and arm were aroun her neck in a loveing embrace with my lover. As I fed Megs, she opened her mouth and showed her long sharp teeth and her large fangs and tore large pieces out of the fish and without bothering to chew them swallowed them whole. This is the normal way in which a deep sea Mermaid like us eats.

We then switched positions and Megs fed me my part of the meal. Smiling at me, as she fed me, she saw my long sharp teeth and my large fangs and watched as I also tore off large parts of the fish meal I was eating and swallowed it whole. All the while this was happening, we both wrapped our long tails around each other, and we grinded our tails into each othe and we started to fuck and fuck.

Sex for a Mermaid is so wonderful and fulfilling, and we enjoyed every bit of it. It was then that in my heart I started feeling the first stirrings of motherhood. My maternal instincts were also starting to take over in me now. And it would be the same for Megs, and my sisters Krissy, Lana, Carolyn, and Beth and all of my sisters. I soon wanted to become pregnant in the worst sort of way. I wanted to have a big pregnant belly on me. I wanted to be eternally pregnant. I wanted my huge tits to become even bigger and heavier and fill up with my milk. I wanted to see and feel my milk squirt and shoot out of my huge hard nipples, and my huge areola become so much larger and swelled up and puffy. I wanted to be heavy with my eggs. And I wanted to start seeing and feeling myself laying my eggs, and I always wanted to do this. Nothing brings so much joy to a Mermaid's heart. She lives for this happiness in her life.

Megs and I fucked and had our sex for a long time tonight. When we had finished, we were about to go to bed and when a bright flash of light appeared off to the side of us. We were overjoyed when we found out that it was one of our goddesses. It was the goddess Aquiloria.

Aquiloria, our ocean goddess, ever smiling at us and ever happy with us spoke to us. "Megs, and Kathy. Both of you, my sisters, have made your goddesses very happy with you. Your lives and the way you have lived them, have been a glowing testonimony to us. You are more than worthy to be our High Priestesses. Both of you will make good ones, this being one reason you each were given the shells you now wear. And you are both living together with each other because it is the loving will of your ocean goddesses."

Aquiloria continued: "Rest now, my sisters. You both have many wonderful things which await the both of you. Megs, tomorrow you will meet a Mermaid who was very important to you before you became a Mer. Your joy will be such that it will never be taken away from you. When you see her, she will be a Mermaid like your girlfriend Monica, but you will pray to us to make her more of a fish Mermaid like you and Kathy. Your prayer will be answered, and she will become a High Priestess like you and Kathy and live with the both of you in the temple you will soon serve and live in. And others of your friends will soon follow. And Kathy, honey. Your biological sisters, Krissy, Lana, Beth and Carolyn will also be with you and join your ranks a little while later. And Kathy, your other girlfriend and lover, Amanda and her sisters will also join you. Each of your will take great joy and pleasure in worshiping and serving us. The blessings of your ocean goddesses are upon you, my sisters." And with that, she disappeared.

Megs and I were both in holy awe with the visitation we received for our ocean goddess, Aquiloria. We then went to bed and slept holding each other in our arms. And naturally we kissed, and touched each other and then we slept soundly and happily that night.

Early the next morning, Megs and I woke up early. Like always, we had our first sex and lovemaking of the morning and then we combed each other's long silver hair and then went out to find a large school of fishes.

Soon finding such a school, with a few kicks of our tails, we swam into the school and grabbed them and ate and gorged ourselves as we swam. And the fact that we had tongues that could shoot out ten feet, not unlike a frog, wrapped our tongues around our fish meal and ate our fill. Soon filled, till we could eat no more, Megs suggested we to and visit Monica. I agreeded with her.

It was as we swam, over a large field of coral and kelp that we saw her. It was another Mermaid swimming towards us. She was a Mermaid like the kind that Monica and her sisters were.

Swimming up to us, this beautiful creature of the sea introduced herself to us. She said: "Hi! I'm new around here and I don't know my way around here yet. I've only recently become a Mermaid, and I've been living with a Mermaid. Her name is Monica. I decided to go out for my morning swim and I saw you two girls. I heard from Monica that there were Mermaids who were really fishlike. And I should have done this before. But my name is Joan. Please forgive me for looking at you two girls so intently, but for some reason, one of you seems so familiar to me."

Megs introduced herself first. "My name is Megs, and this lovely Mermaid here with me is my girlfriend and my lover, Kathy. And she's a very sexy Mermaid bitch, aren't you honey?" I giggled and then nodded in complete agreement.

Joan suddenly shouted telepathically: "Megs? Oh, by our ocean goddesses, don't you know me? We were really close friends when we lived on the land as humans. I was a boy. My name used to be John. When I became a Mermaid, I changed it to Joan."

Suddenly, Meg's face lit up with such happiness as she never thought possible. "John? You were a guy. Now you're a female and a Mermaid. Ohhhhh.....I'm so very happy now. C'mere my baby. I love you so very much. You don't know how happy you've just made me."

And with that, Megs grabbed Joan and pulled her to her , wrapped her arms around Joan's neck, and hugged and kissed her and pressed her very huge and heavy tits into Joan's equally huge and heavy tits. They then wrapped their long fishtails around each other. Megs said: "Ohhhhhh, my baby. I love you so very much. Let me look at you honey. Goddesses, you always wanted to be a female and a Mermaid, and now, you finally and really are one. I'm so very happy for you, honey. I love you so dam fuckin' much."

Letting go of Joan, Megs, backed off about 5 feet and said: "Turn around slowly honey, and let me look at you. Goddess, you are so dam fucken' hot and you look so dam fuckin'sexy. You have just got to be one sexy Mermaid bitch, just like my love Kathy here. And you're so fucken' beautiful. You have just got to be a lesbian Mermaid like we all are." Joan smiled and giggled: "yes I am, and I think you and your lover, Kathy are so hot and sexy. I want to be with the both of you forever and become even more fishlike like the both of you."

Still smiling, Megs said to Joan: "you will honey, you will. I'll have Kathy pray to our goddesses to make you more like us."

I did just that, and within minutes, Joan was now every bit the fish type of Mermaid that Megs and I are, and Joan was so very beautiful.

Megs then put her small webbed hands on Joan's silver waist and said to her: "Joan, honey. Don't just stand there. Put your hands on my ass and my tits. I just gotta grab your tits. Dam they are just so fuckin' big. Just like all of us. Now do it you hot and sexy bitch you."

Joan then put her hands on Megs and did just what she had commanded Joan to do, and Megs returned the favor. This went on for more than 10 minutes. Joan then turned her attention toward me and swam over to me and started grabing and feeling my fish body, and my primal fish lust took me over and I grabbed her and did the same to her as she had done to me.

We were the three happiest Mermaids that we know of. Aquiloria our ocean goddess appeared again and said: "I'm so very happy for all of you. Now follow me and we shall dive ever lower down past what the humans call 'crush depth' and I will take you to the temple which shall be your place of worship, and that of your sisters and your brand new home. You will just love it. And Kathy, honey, your sisters and your lover Amanda and her sisters will follow you here. Your sisters will come within a week, and Amanda and her sisters will come shortly thereafter."

Aquiloria then swam over to me. She put her arm around my tiny silver waist and squeezed me. She then turned me around and drew me to her. I put my arms around her neck and she put hers just under my armpits and we kissed each other.

Aquiloria smiled at me and said to me: "When an ocean goddess like me kisses a Mermaid like you, it is because that Mermaid is very special to her, the ocean goddess. And I think alot of you and I love you very much. Your other goddesses, my sisters, feel the same way. And we have many, many great and wonderful things planned ahead for you. You have no idea now as to just how special you are to us, honey. My sisters and I love you, my sister and my love."

We swam down past what the humans call 'crush depth' without any problems. As we swam further and further down, my Mermaid's heart filled with joy, so much joy that I truly doubt that another could contain it. It would have probably have been the same with me, but my goddess Aquiloria strenghtened me and my body so that it would have been more than possible.

As we swam further and further down, my ocean goddess Aquiloria swam right next to me all of the way. Everytime I turned my head, I saw her always smile at me. I was told that I was very special, both to her, and her sister goddesses and my sister Mermaids.

I felt so blessed and happy at being a Mermaid. Every once in a while I would put my small finges on my gill slits and feel them open and close, and then I felt my scaleline, where my 'human' half ended and my fish half began. Going further down my tail, I felt my scales and my tail. It felt so wonderful to feel myself swim and my tail undelating and my vertical tailfin going back and forth, and the water giving very little resistance to my vertical tailfin. I couldn't have been more happier.

The time went by with us hardly noticing it. Finally we reached the bottom of a large trench, that was the deepest in ocean. And in spite of the darkness, many fish and other kinds of life thrived here in abundance. Me and those with me had now trouble seeing in the total darkness, and should we swim up to the surface for any reason at all, we would have no trouble with our eyes adjusting to the bright light up near or even at the surface. Every part of our bodies would adjust to every condition perfectly.

Once we reached the bottom of the ocean trench, all of us swam what must have been about 12 miles till we came to a huge structure. Aquiloria told us this was to be our new temple, the place where we would worship her and her sisters. She told us that there would be more than enough room for all of us and those who would soon follow us.

Aquiloria told us to eat and rest and have fun. She told us that she would return tomorrow and teach us our duties and what we would do. Smiling at me, Aquiloria bid me to come to her.

With our tails gently undelating beneath us, Aquiloria and I gently swam off with each other to be alone. Megs saw us leaving and was truly happy for me, and I sensed it. I think Megs knew that I was a special Mermaid who was destined for great things. Aquiloria was very beautiful and was just as naked as the rest of us were. You would think a goddess like her would be finally addressed and wear many shells and jewels, but she beautiful even without all of those things.

As we 'strolled' alone with each other, Aquiloria and I talked. We became very close and imtimate. She said to me: "Kathy honey, put your arm around my waist. Yes, just like that, honey. And I will put my arm around your waist. There! Now let's stroll and continue. You don't know it yet, but you, my love, are destined for many glourious and wonderful things. I cannot tell you what they are now. I am bound by our laws, as are my sisters, the ocean Mermaid goddesses, but now I can tell you at least this. Even before you were born, you were selected for many wonderful things in your precious and wonderful life, and it is the will and desire of your ocean Mermaid goddesses to give you such wonderful things. You have always pleased us, honey. My sisters and I are very proud of you. Far more than you'll ever know. Even without your consciencely trying, you always please us and make us very happy with everything. Everything wonderful will be yours. Just be patient and live as you do now. And all things, in their good time, shall be revealed and given to you, my love. There is so very much to tell you, but now is not the time. But you will find them all out in time. I can also tell you this. Unlike your sisters, you are very special to your ocean Mermaid goddesses, and you are destined for greatness. I must go now back to the ocean heavens, but I shall return tomorrow. After your training starts, you and I shall talk more and I will tell you and maybe even give you such things as you will be given from time to time. No let me hold you in my arms and hug and kiss you and you do the same to me, dear."

With that, Adquiloria and I held and kissed each other deeply. This was normal for a lesbian Mermaid like me. We also wrapped our tails around each other. We let each other go. Aquiloria then smiled at me and suddenly vanished.

I swam back to Megs and Joan, who had been getting very intimate with each other, as I found out a little later. I was so very happy for the both of them. Joan swam into another room of our new home, the temple we were now in and said she would be back shortly.

Megs swam over to me, a big smile on her lovely face and took me into her silver arms and said to me: "I won't ask what happened but whatever it is, honey, I'm so very happy for you." With that, we hugged and kissed each othe deeply and passionatly and pressed our bodies so tightly together that our huge and heavy tits squashed against each other.

As Megs held me, her knowing how happy I was during my time alone with Aquiloria, smiled at me and she told me that she was so very happy for me. Smiling back at her, I said: "Thank you."

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